Why We Used Temporary Insurance For Our Company

Our Company operates in a small town about 200 miles away from any large city. Our boss needed to hire a contractor and offered a variety of incentives, one of which included a car for the commute to and from the city because the contractor did not wish to live in a temporary apartment. Because the contractor would be driving in unfamiliar territory, our boss was concerned about the possibility of car accidents and as his executive assistant my job was to find insurance cover for the company car that we were leasing.

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I first looked on carinsurancefor1day.co.uk then talked to my own car insurance company to see what kind of options I had for the company’s situation. While my insurance company did deal in commercial business, it was more suited for long term policies. My agent told me that there were companies that focused primarily on temporary policies who could probably provide more competitive rates based on my insurance requirements.

I contacted several of the specialized temporary insurance companies that my agent referred me to and gathered all the information necessary for my boss to make the executive decision on. I had a meeting with him and went over each policy pros and cons like the agent had explained to me and then compared the rates available. My boss made his decision and I purchased a policy for 28 days.

About a week after the contractor joined our team, he left to take lunch at a restaurant a couple of miles down the road from our workplace. He was driving to the restaurant when a bicyclist did not heed a stop sign and as our contractor was slowly proceeding through the intersection the bicyclist collided with the car. The side panel was dented and scratched. The bicyclist was sent to the hospital with a few broken bones.

We contacted the insurance company that held our temporary policy and they handled the accident efficiently. Our contractor was given a rental car while the repairs were being made on the company car. The repairs on the company car were made within a week’s time and then it was as if nothing had ever happened. Thanks to temporary insurance, we saved a ton on expenses from an accident that wasn’t even our contractor’s fault.

Our contractor finished up his job without any further incidents with the company car. Since that year we have hired several other contractors for various duties and still lease a company car as a perk for commuters and people who have relocated temporarily. Every once in a while I will still research companies to ensure the best rate and policy cover for my boss, but he tends to go with the original company that issued our policy.